There was a happy ending to a rescue of a dog that recently fell through the ice of a storm retention pond in Cochrane.

When the dog wandered onto the ice and fell through, the pet's owner was quick to dial 9-1-1 to get help from Cochrane Fire Services.

Fire Inspector Jeff Avery says the rescue team was able to save the dog.

"When they got on scene, the dog was in the water with his paws on the ice," says Fire Inspector Jeff Avery. "The team was able to go in and rescue the dog, and the dog went safely to its owner afterward, so that was a good one." 

He says the owner was wise to call 9-1-1 for help and not attempt the rescue alone.

"Never go on to the ice to try and rescue an animal that has fallen through because if it's not strong enough to hold that dog, then it's definitely not strong enough to hold you."

Avery says iced-over retaining ponds are unstable and unpredictable and shouldn't be walked on, period. Signs are posted at all the storm retention ponds in town alerting residents of their danger.

Ice danger(file image)