The Helping Hands Society of Cochrane is on the lookout for more volunteer drivers as the need continues to rise. 

The nonprofit organization provided 825 rides for members of the community in 2022, up from 557 rides in 2021.  

Melia Hayes with Helping Hands said the program allows members of the community to go to important appointments that they otherwise wouldn't be able to get to.

"It provides the opportunity for people in Cochrane who might not have a car, might not have family support, might not have finances available to take a taxi places. It gives them the opportunity to get into their medical and essential appointments." 

The position is great for those looking for a flexible volunteer opportunity, because drivers can pick and choose when and how often they'd like to drive, said Hayes. 

"I email out the list of the requests to everybody. So you are able to look at your calendar and say 'I have availability on that day, at that time, so I can take that ride', so you are in complete control of your schedule." 

Hayes said they get about 90 driving requests per month. 

They currently have about 35 drivers in the system with about 13 who actively drive. They're hoping to find another 10 volunteer drivers who are able to take a couple of shifts per month.

Hayes said "It gives them the opportunity to develop relationships and have that one-on-one connection while they're driving them in."

Drivers do require an RCMP vulnerable sector check.  

To volunteer, learn more, or to donate go HERE.