Shaun Fluker will be trying to garner the Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) role for the New Democratic Party (NDP) of Alberta in the upcoming provincial election.

Born and raised in Alberta, he and his wife have lived in Cochrane since 2005 where they have three kids. He has been a lawyer in the Calgary region since 1996 and is a member of the academic staff at the Faculty of Law at the University of Calgary since 2007.

Fluker talked about why he is running for MLA in the upcoming election. 

"I believe the people who live here deserve an elected representative who listens to the concerns of the people that live here and is also part of an Alberta NDP government that will respond to those concerns."

When it comes to his primary concerns, one he has is access to the health care that people need, regardless of personal circumstances or ability to pay and the situations communities around Calgary have when it comes to EMS.

"The Alberta NDP has put forward an ambitious plan, "The Family Teams Plan" that involves basically making sure that residents of Airdrie have access to primary health care.  In relation to EMS, I think there's a need to rebuild a positive relationship with EMS workers."

Talking specifically about Airdrie, Fluker mentioned it's important to him to bring the rising cost of living under control and ensure fast-growing cities like Airdrie have a positive relationship with the provincial government.

When asked about why Airdronians should vote for the NDP, he talked about addressing the issues of today as soon as possible.

"The Alberta NDP has put forward campaign proposals that speak directly to the issues and the concerns that the people in Airdrie are telling us they want to see addressed."

Yet to be out and about in Airdrie, Fluker mentioned when the writ drops he will be knocking on doors and talking to local residents.

The 2023 provincial election will take place on May 29.