The construction along HWY 1A continues in Cochrane and that includes a new set of traffic lights at the 5th Ave intersection.

The new lights have been installed, but when will they turn on?

Motorists can expect the lights to be operational before next week. “New traffic lights will be turned on, and southbound traffic (heading down the hill from the tri-school site), will be rerouted to the new roadway alignment,” details a social media post from the Town Of Cochrane.

The following weeks will also have big changes to the area. “Traffic will be split with southbound (downhill) traffic using the new roadway and northbound (uphill) traffic using the old 4th Avenue roadway.”

“June 9-11: Northbound traffic (heading up the hill to the tri-school site), will be rerouted to the new alignment. The segment of 4th Ave N south of the wall will be permanently closed to both cars and pedestrians.”

Pedestrians can expect the sidewalk along the roadway to remain closed until construction of the wall is completed.