Cochrane will be highlighted on the national stage on February 11 and 12, 2017, as Hometown Hockey pays us a visit.

Cochrane Hometown hockey will be broadcasted and hosted live onsite by Canadian icon Ron MacLean with co-host Tara Slone, headlined by an NHL game, Montreal Canadiens vs Boston Bruins broadcast on Sunday.

The event will feature two days of activities and celebrations that include music, NHL alumni, and local heroes.

Hometown Hockey host Ron MacLean says the production is all about showcasing Cochrane pride, and the town's genuine love for hockey.

"Basically it's a moment of civic pride," he says. "A connection to what you see normally on a Saturday or Sunday night on TV, and it's suddenly in your town, and you're the backdrop and part of the show."

He shares Hometown Hockey is a way to break down any barriers between the NHL, and athletes in rural areas like Cochrane.

"It breaks down any idea that because you're from Cochrane you can't make it, no way! Cochrane's got a whole weekend full of people who are just like you, we can reach out and touch each other, and know that it's not a superhuman that made it to the NHL, it's just a guy. That's what's special about taking the show on the road."

He explains connections to NHL Superstars can be found in many Alberta communities, even small towns like Cochrane.

"When I started in my career I ended up at channels 2 and 7 in Calgary, where I worked for an editor whose son Dave lives in Cochrane and he's our Chief Statistician for Hockey Night in Canada, and all our Stanley Cup coverage. His son was a wonderful goaltender, he played with Devan Dubnyk who has done really well in the NHL."

MacLean says Hometown Hockey is a way to remind all hockey players, young and old, that many NHL stars came from very humble beginnings.

"It takes it from the famous selfie of Connor McDavid, or Sidney Crosby, or whoever the star happens to be, and goes behind that snapshot and reveals the web of community, family, all the coaches and volunteers who helped shape that person. Obviously in Alberta that's the way we've done things always, it's just a province that's had to fight through harsh winters, and fight through droughts in summer. It's a great place filled with hearty hockey players, Mason Raymond is one that comes to mind that comes out of Cochrane, it's a deserving destination for sure."

Maclean shares he's looking forward to learning about the Cochrane Generals, and just Cochrane Hockey.

"You're all invited, it's as simple as that, it's a party, it's February 11 and 12 on the cusp of Valentine's, so if you love hockey and love Valentine's it's a great place to share your love."

You can listen to the full interview about Cochrane, and rural hockey with Ron MacLean here.