The Cochrane & Area Humane Society is reaching out to the community in hopes of securing new foster homes to assist with the ever-increasing number of animals in need.

“We’ve been looking for additional foster homes all year long,” explains Janine Rossler, Executive Director at the Cochrane and Area Humane Society. “We have so many animals that we've just been running at capacity really since last year, and we can't possibly house them all here at the shelter.”

“It ranges from cats, dogs, small animals, and sometimes just for a few days to sometimes a few weeks, and sometimes even longer-term but we really focus on what the foster home can do for us and what's best for their situation.”

Currently, the shelter has over 80 puppies that are available or soon to be available for adoption.

Rossler says there are foster opportunities for many different types of people and families.“It's a great volunteer opportunity because engaging kids with puppies and kittens or animals really that's just something special.”

“Maybe they just need a little bit of puppy therapy. You could have puppies in your home, different puppies, different litters all year long. It seems not to be seasons of puppies anymore. We have puppies on a continuous basis.”

“We take care of everything, all the costs for the food, the medical care, the supplies, those are not put onto our fosters. We're just looking for loving homes to put them in while they're waiting to be ready for adoption.”

The holidays can also be a great time to foster a new furry friend with a week or two off going a long way in supporting the shelter.

Interested in fostering? Check out the Cochrane Humane Society’s website for more details.