The deadline for submissions in creating a new mosaic mural is quickly approaching. The Cochrane and Area Events Society (CAES) has several workshops this week to ensure every Cochranite can participate.

Erika Richards with CAES says the six workshops they have held so far have been a great experience. “We’ve been getting a lot of interesting people with their individual stories. You get people who are amazing artists, you get people who are just there for the fun of it, but you get inspired to remember.”

The free workshops take place this week on March 7 and 9 at the Rocky View Brewing Company and on March 12 at Route 22. The deadline for submissions arrives on March 17.

The Cochrane Together mural is being designed to celebrate Cochrane getting through the pandemic together as a community and Richards says there is always a story that accompanies the art.

“I was watching somebody painting a scene of a lake saying they remember going kayaking and going in the middle of the lake and starting singing because we weren't allowed to sing anywhere.”

“We had one little girl paint a picture of her cockatiel. I think his name was Kevin even though it was a girl bird and she said  having that pet got her through the pandemic.”

“It's just real eye-opening all the different stories and I'm amazed by the number of really talented people in Cochrane.”

You don’t have to be an amazing artist to submit, CAES is looking for submissions of every style and skill with the final goal being 1,000 submissions.