A scary situation for guests and staff members at the Ramada over the weekend when lightning struck the hotel. 

Ryan Semchuk, Marketing Manager for Canalta says the storm that came through Cochrane on Saturday left it's mark.

"During the extreme thunderstorm and weather we had coming through the area on Saturday, the Ramada Cochrane was struck by lightning. This happened on the south-side of our building near one of the top towers and I can confirm that it definitely did strike the building."

"We had a brief power outage due to obviously the extreme electricity from the lightning strike itself, which did actually end up damaging some of the electrical components in the hotel so we temporarily lost one of the elevators inside the hotel and wrecked a bunch of our electronics on the main floor lobby, so it did cause a little bit of damage."

Thankfully, no one was injured.

"The good news is there were no guests or team members that were hurt or damaged during that point. Definitely some loud noises and of course power flickering and loss of power but no extreme or bad injuries in this situation."

Semchuk says they do have emergency plans in place and were able to assess the damages and ensure everyone was okay quickly. 

This incident did not require guests and staff members to evacuate.

He says they are looking into ways to prevent this from happening again as this wasn't the first time the hotel was struck by lightning. 

"This is the second time in five years that the hotel has actually been struck by lightning at this specific property, so it's definitely something that we're going to be looking into."