A donation button on the Footstock page is proving to be a popular way to donate the Cochrane Activettes.

For the first time ever, the popular community race event has been able to incorporate a button on its website to collect donations for a local charitable cause.

Race director Meredith McMorran says when the opportunity was made available, they selected the Activettes, a long-time supporter that also does so much year-round in the community.

"The Activettes provide support for members of our community through their Cochrane food bank, the Clothesline, their Share Your Christmas program, and on top of that they are Footstock volunteers, so it's a great fit," she says.

She says they're blown away by the generosity of Footstock participants, who have already donated over $2,500 to the Activettes.

"We are very much looking forward to presenting our donation to the Activettes on race day."

footstock volunteersThere are volunteers play a huge role in making this community event possible. (file photo)

Footsotck relies upon a large crew of volunteers and each and every one of them is greatly appreciated, says McMorran. 

"If anyone is interested in helping out, there's lots of great swag for the participants, but we've also worked hard to make sure there's a great swag bag for volunteers," says McMorran. "There's also some super draw prizes that have been donated by different restaurants and businesses.

"We're excited about being able to give back and thank our volunteers with some of the swag that we've been lucky enough to receive from local businesses."

They have a wide variety of positions available on both Saturday and Sunday. A list is available on their website and those interested can email footstockvolunteer@gmail.com.

Registrations continue to flow in for their 5, 10, and 18k solo races, kids triathlon, and the 18k corporate/family relay.

There was room for only 72 more participants in the kids triathlon at this writing.

"I'm almost positive it's going to sell out this year, which is really exciting," says McMorran. "I think that's really the highlight for us race directors to watch the kids do their triathlon and just see the excitement, the pride on their faces, and how thrilling it is, too, for parents."

The unique relay sees members of three-person teams complete one of three lengths--10k, 5k, or 3k. Up for grabs are the bragging rights of winning the Barbett Orthodontics Cup, which has been won by Garmin teams since created.

McMorran gives a shout-out to École Notre-Dame des Vallées, where she taught, for registering three teams in the relay event.

"I've retired from teaching at my school, and I think my school is probably one of the smaller schools in town, but we have three teams. We're really hoping that some other schools put in teams of teachers or parents because we'd really love to be running with some other teachers in our community. We would just love to see some more relay teams join this event that has a really fun vibe to see the teams waiting to tag off."

To keep afoot of Footstock and to register, click here.

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