Airdrie country star Brandon Lorenzo has received nominations in four different categories for the Country Music AB Awards.

The categories he has received nominations for include, Horizon Male Artist of the Year, Horizon Single of the Year for "You Set The Bar,"  Songwriter of the Year for "You Set The Bar" and Music Video of the Year for "Another Round Of You."

"This will make eight nominations for me in total since I've been a part of the Country Music AB organization since 2019. It's great to know what you're doing is being recognized."

The second ballot of voting for the awards has just concluded, and Lorenzo is now waiting to hear if he has made it through to the third ballot of voting.

Lorenzo has yet to win an award from the organization, but according to him, being nominated in itself is a win.

Some more exciting news from our local country star, he is dropping a new song at the beginning of February, on the 3rd.

"It's called Everly, and I actually co-wrote this song with another Alberta artist, Ryan Lindsey, back in 2019. This was kind of the first country song that I ever wrote when I transitioned into this genre"

Show-wise, Lorenzo is heading down to Medicine Hat for his first-ever show in the area in about a week and, in March, heading down to Nashville for the Global Country Canada Awards.

Of course, when Lorenzo isn't performing, he does have a job, and that's being a teacher at Good Shepherd School here in Airdrie.

"I love teaching and being a part of a great community here at Good Shepherd. It's funny because a lot of the students know that Mr. Lorenzo is a country singer. So, with the new song coming out, I got a few comments from students saying they have pre-saved the new song or I need to play more shows they can come and watch. I love what I do, it's great to be able to tie both together and be part of two amazing communities at the same time."

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