A man described as intimidating has knocked on doors in at least two Cochrane neighbourhoods leaving a letter threatening in nature with NDP supporters.

Jessica Salkeld, agent for NDP candidate Shaun Fluker, says they have received reports from about 10 people who were confronted by the man and there may be more.

"He left a letter talking about his perceived issues with the NDP, and it's a very threatening style of document, kind of like, we know where you are, and if you vote this way, this is what's going to happen."

"He seemed to be, from what was told to us, targeting people with our signs in their yards, so if he saw a sign he would go up and bang on the door and engage in this manner."

Not all residents answered, but one Glenbow lady who did was shocked by the man's threatening manner.

"I answered the door early morning, even in my housecoat, and he literally thrust these pages in my face and said you need to read this, then stormed off, which is a form of intimation, and taking the signs is also a form of intimidation."

"He had no campaign information, he did not have a badge, he had no identification, he did not say his name. He literally banged on my door. I opened the door and he thrust these papers in my face, and I was so shocked. Now, four days later, my sign is gone."

She has since had her Shaun Fluker sign replaced.

She says we're going down a very dangerous road if people take these actions. She says it's a political race and believes everyone is entitled to their views and has the right to vote for whomever they wish.

"It should never be happening. My neighbours are UCP, and we're really good friends. We talk about it openly, but we disagree."

Salkeld is encouraging people to report the incidents to the RCMP, so they can be documented in hopes of tracking down the man responsible.

The RCMP have not issued a statement at this point.

Salkeld says there seem to be fewer incidents of signs being defaced or stolen in Cochrane compared to the last election, although they have had incidents in the Airdrie portion of the riding.

There have been reports of massive defacing and removal of signs for NDP candidate Sarah Elmeligi in the Banff-Kananaskis riding.

Destroying, damaging, or stealing election signs is a criminal offence.