The anticipated announcement of a new grocery store in Greystone has been made.

Today, Calgary Co-operative Association Limited (Calgary Co-op) has announced a massive grocery store is being built on six acres of land in the new Greystone community that is anticipated to open in 2025.

An artist's rendering is below.

Damon Tanzola, vice-president of Real Estate and Development Calgary Co-op, says they are very excited to be coming to Cochrane.

"We've been monitoring the community of Cochrane for a number of years," he says, "and as it continues to grow and be one of the fastest communities in Alberta. We're really happy to finally be able to announce to the community, and our members that live in the community that have been waiting, that we're coming to town."

The development plan includes a 35,000-square-foot grocery store, with a pharmacy, a wine, spirits, beer, cannabis, and six-pump gas bar, convenience store, and a double touchless car wash,

There will be an additional 30,000 square feet of commercial retail space on the property.

Tanzola says they're in the early stages of community engagement and hope to provide some preliminary plans to the town for review shortly, then transition to a development permit later in summer. The target is to break ground early next spring and for the entire development, including the additional retail space, to open in early 2025.

He says the total development is anticipated to create about 200 jobs for Cochrane.

Co-op artist renderingArtist rendering of the proposed development by Calgary Co-operative Association Limited.