The Banff-Airdrie constituency association of the Maverick Party is holding a Zoom town hall meeting tonight to provide more details on the political party and its platform.

Born of the Wexit Party, the Maverick Party was established in September and since then has continued to create new riding associations from Manitoba west in preparation for the next federal election.

Interim leader Jay Hill says they are initially targeting constituencies with a strong Conservative base where they believe they have the best chance to be elected.

"We would like to have a few dozen candidates prepared, quality individuals with some strong organization behind them, but of course it depends on when Prime Minister Trudeau actually calls the election. He's been threatening to do that now for the last six months or so."

He says the longer Trudeau takes, the better for the party to plant roots.

The Banff-Airdrie riding association was among the first organized by the party.

"We have a board of directors in place," says Hill. "They are actively working to recruit additional members and are searching for a quality candidate to run against the incumbent."

The party has a twin-track mission of seeking increased fairness and respect from central Canada by pursuing amendments to the Canadian Constitution.

The second is to lay the foundation for an independent west that includes the four Western provinces and three northern territories

"Basically, what we're saying is that if Central Canada is not going to respond in a responsible manner to the legitimate grievances of Western Canada, then they will force us to consider the option of independence."

Hill is one of the speakers in tonight's town hall. From 1993-2010, he was the Member of Parliament for the Prince Goerge-Peace River riding in B.C., first with the Reform Party, then the Conservatives. He served in many capacities for the Stephen Harper government, including Secretary of State and government house leader before leaving federal politics.

Tonight's town hall has a moderated question and answer format. Questions can be submitted both in advance or asked live during the zoom call.

You can attend the meeting through this link.