Mosquito season is getting closer as the first eggs of the season are expected to begin hatching over the next few weeks.

Last year there was a lack of mosquitoes due to a dry spring, however this year may be a bit different with experts predicting a large influx.

Jeff Fleischer, Supervisor of Agricultural Services with Rocky View County says a perfect breeding ground could be created once the weather warms up.

"It's due to the dry weather, and recent rains, if the weather warms up quickly it makes excellent breeding ground for mosquitoes."

With the rain the area has gotten recently, many backyards may be becoming an option for mosquitoes looking to lay eggs.

"The best thing is to keep their yards free from any standing water, puddles, drain any gutters, any backyard pools."

Fleischer adds its important to protect yourself from mosquitoes by using deet and covering up when outdoors.

Many expectant mothers may also be on high alert this mosquito season as Zika virus becomes more prominent, Fleisher reassures there is not much to worry about in that regard.

"We don't have to worry about Zika here, the mosquitoes that we have do not carry Zika Virus. Our biggest concern would be West Nile Virus, so make sure you protect yourself when you go outside."

Mosquito season generally begins in June and ends with the frost, usually in September.