There are always tons of parks and outdoor spaces being updated and created in Cochrane, and the town hopes the new Riverfront Park will become a summer destination for locals.

The recently opened park located on the North Side of the Bow River, West of the Highway 22 Bridge has been in the works for many years, and was delayed by the 2013 floods.

Suzanne Gaida, Senior Manager, Town of Cochrane Community Services says despite the setback the town has added a number of attractions to the area.

“We’ve increased our pathway system,” She says. “There’s a number of different kilometers of pathways to go on with interpretative signage throughout.”

Gaida thinks that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the development.

“The jewel of this park is that we’ve put in a natural playground, it’s all wood except for one piece of equipment, so we have a slide that’s carved out of a large tree, and pieces of driftwood, and all sorts of things for kids to play on.”

She hopes the park will be a new area for the community to come together and enjoy Cochrane’s scenery.

“We’ve also added 9 fire pits, it’s really created a gathering space for the community and visitors alike to come and use a fire pit, take the kids to play, and everyone can enjoy our beautiful pathway system.”

Gaida thinks that even though Cochrane is close to the Rockies there are always new outdoor adventures to go on in the town.

“There’s always new things coming, new developments, new parks are being built by our developers and opening up, there’s lots to do outside in Cochrane.”