The Cochrane Rotary Club has a proud history of donating valued equipment to the Cochrane Urgent Care Centre.

The Rotarians have recently stepped forward to provide four high-tech pediatrics training mannequins called Laerdal Little Baby PR.

Dr. Glenn Curtis, urgent care head doctor, says the latest donation is appreciated and is a perfect fit for the need to now conduct regular training in smaller groups. Before the pandemic, training was completed with other urgent care staff in large classroom settings.

"Having the ability to do that in-house with these mannequins has been a fantastic step to keep us current and trained."

He says the mannequins are state-of-the-art.

"They actually give us feedback about how we're doing chest compressions, whether we're doing them too quickly or slowly, whether we're pushing hard enough or too hard, whether we're breathing the right volume. A great deal of additional learning comes from these tools versus the old mannequins that provided no feedback at all. These actually hook up to an iPad and gives a visual display of everything we're doing."

Dr. Curtis joined the centre staff three days after it opened 10 years ago. He full well knows the contributions made by the Rotarians and the Lindsay Leigh Kimmett Memorial Foundation. That same sentiment is echoed by a plaque in the lobby recognizing the two organizations. 

"That has been on the wall for six years now since they made a huge donation that included the GlideScope and the ultrasound," says Dr. Curtis. "I just can't say enough good stuff about what the Lindsay Leigh Kimmet Foundation and the Rotary Club have done in Cochrane."

Kym-Shae Goerzen, manager of both the health centre and urgent care, takes pride in the facility and its staff.

"Every technology in equipment is just advancing so fast. To have this equipment to train our staff to the highest level possible has just been superb. So, thank you to the Rotary Club and Lindsay Kimmett Foundation to allow our staff to have that training. It's just exceptional."

Kevin Shier, the president-elect of the Cochrane Rotary Club, says the club was contacted by Dr. Curtis in the fall about the need for these mannequins.

"When he (Dr. Curtis) proposed it to us, we thought it was a natural fit from some of the donations we've done in the past to continue to help Urgent Care."

Shier, no stranger to advanced technology, is impressed with what the mannequins offer for the money spent.

"I'm actually surprised at the cost being so low at $250 apiece for what they offer for training and the fact that they're so life-like when used."

"It's important for the entire community. We waited a long, long time to have an Urgent Care Centre in Cochrane, and so now with us, in turn, being able to help get it outfitted better, and serve the community better, is a huge win for the community.

"I know when our kids were little, we had to drive to the Children's Hospital for everything because there was nothing after hours in Cochrane," he continues. "So now with this Urgent Care Centre, we are happy to keep it equipped to make it that much better."

The Cochrane Rotary Club and the Lindsay Leigh Kimmett Memorial Foundation combined efforts to purchase a $70,000 portable ultrasound unit from the proceeds of the 2014 Monumental Tournament of Aces and an additional donation by the Rotary Club.

The service club has also provided about $7,000 for various equipment, including three portable suction units, GlideScopes, and resuscitation training equipment.

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