One of the party's main objectives of the People's Party of Canada (PPC) is to phase out supply management over a number of years.

Chevy Johnston is a PPC candidate in the riding of Calgary Centre.

"We're free market advocates, and we absolutely want to protect those producers who have made investments based on the environment the government created," he explained. "We're not trying to punish any producers operating within the system, but it's impeding our trade agreements, it's costing all Canadians, particularly low-income Canadians, significant portions of their disposable income and it's a system that doesn't need to exist in Canada."

The People's Party of Canada says it would also eliminate the federal carbon tax if elected.

"Our party's stance is to repeal the federal carbon tax as one of our first orders of business and leave that to the province's to address as and how they wish," said Johnston. "We are not of the opinion that it is achieving any of the stated goals. It's imposing a burden, particularly on the west. It's not helpful to the environment or our economy."

Johnston adds the People's Party would also get rid of the capital gains tax, which would help farmers with succession planning.

The Calgary Centre candidate was asked how the PPC would address trade challenges facing farmers.

"You need to promote trade relationships, identify new markets," said Johnston. "There's need for our plant proteins and for our oil. There's a global market available, and we've been selling into the most dense populations that have engaged with us that we have good freight access to. It would be in our long-term interest to try and increase our visibility and our trade relationships around the globe rather than focus on a couple of the large markets."

When discussing Business Risk Management (BRM) programs, Johnston says the People's Party believes in reducing government involvement for business operation. However, he notes the party does not plan to get rid of these types of programs if they are self-sustainable.

Other rural policies put forward by the PPC include extending accelerated capital cost allowance rates to agriculture, reducing federal farm tax from 15% to 10% and reducing Canadian Grain Commission fees immediately.


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