With Canada's 150th birthday days away we thought we would catch up with local students from RancheView School and their thoughts on Canada.

Students in grades 3, 4, and 6 happily shared their thoughts on why it is important to celebrate Canada and what makes it such a great place to live.

Camille McDonald, grade 4, states Canada represents opportunity. "We've got a lot of freedom and we've got a lot more than a lot of other countries."

Grade 3 student, Skylir McHugh, shares why someone would want to call Canada home. "There's fresh food, free healthcare, and it's a really nice country with nice people."

While most of us are born and raised Canadians, grade 7 student, Alfredo Bracamonte is thankful to call Canada home. Bracamonte's parents moved to Canada from El Salvador when Alfredo was four and he feels blessed to be living in such a safe, welcoming country. "At first it was a really big move but then I realized there was different people around and not just one culture, there's many cultures. I really like Canada I feel like it's my home."

Most of Bracamonte's family is still in El Salvador but feels lucky his parents got out when they did. "El Salvado is not that bright of a place, Canada is a complete opposite. It's nice to be in Canada because everyone is so welcoming and it's a beautiful country."

The students shared they planned to celebrate Canada's big birthday in a variety of ways from BBQs, fireworks, to heading down to Mitford Park celebrations.

Grade 6 student, Ansen Kile, sums it up perfectly, "I would tell them 150 doesn't happen all the time and you've got to take the chance to celebrate it."