The RCMP and the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) are hiring and having a female-focused presentation as International Women's Day approaches. 

The joint presentation will be female-focused and will include firsthand experiences from women in both the RCMP and the CAF. 

Recruiting officer with the Alberta RCMP recruiting unit Constable Erika McGrattan explains that with this presentation a goal is to see an increase to 30 per cent of women in the RCMP.  Right now, they are hovering just around the 22 per cent mark of women that are in the forces. 

“It's International Women’s Day next week so just to highlight women and this type of job and to really talk about really why women want to be RCMP officers, the path that we took to get into these jobs, just help people understand that we are real people too and to just humanize it.” 

McGrattan goes on to say that a career with the RCMP offers a chance to have a daily positive impact on Canadian communities while enjoying the vast opportunities for growth and development in dozens of specialized units.  

“The RCMP is responsible for enforcing the law and investigating crime, our police officers are role models and leaders who provide advice and guidance to people from all walks of life.” 

The event is on Monday, March 6 at the RCMP Duncan building in Calgary. For more information visit