There is an annual Christmas event at Bow Valley High that has students and teachers literally watching their backs. It's called Reindeer Games at it is a popular holiday tradition at the school.

Bow Valley High's Reindeer Games is a rousing game of tag in which you have to tag your chosen adversary with a clothes pin before they tag you. Everyone in the school takes part students and staff.  

The premise of the games as Outdoor Ed teacher Scott Thompson explains, is, "We are trying to create connections in the building." He also says that if anyone were to walk into the building while the games are going on, they might question, "What is going on, rampant paranoia and the kids walking on the edges of the hall, staff wearing costumes so they aren't recognized, crawling under desks to avoid being tagged."

Eventually, after numerous rounds and days, out of 800 people in the school, one winner is victorious in the Reindeer Games.