A recent poll by Mainstreet shows a majority of Calgarians are understanding the impact of the Springbank Dam, and many seem to be opposed.

Out of their recent sample, only 7% supported the Springbank Dam option, while 55% supported the reservoir at McLean Creek.

For those not understanding the magnitude of the project, Ryan Robinson, spokesperson for Don't Damn Springbank shares the figures released from the Alberta government. The project which originally stated using 1600 acres has massively grown, quadrupling in amount.

"As of today the government's plan is to have to buy 6800 almost 7000 acres of private land in Springbank, where there is homes and businesses. So it has turned into a giant project."

Robinson added an additional issue of the project is the government's lack of transparency when it comes to cost.

"Minister Mason in the Legislature announced the reason they are not sharing with Albertans the true cost of the dam because they are worried about the purchasing and acquiring of the tenders."

The open houses that were held last week were well attended, says Robinson. The project is an earthen dam that is 8 storeys tall, 205 metres wide, and almost 3km long.

"The amount of dirt moving and the amount of construction and disruption in the Cochrane/ Springbank area will be unbelievable and unprecedented."

Robinson adds the organization 'Don't Damn Springbank' has had incredible support from residents in Springbank, Bragg Creek, Redwood Meadows, and Cochrane- and with recent results of the Mainstreet poll, Robinson thinks Calgarians are in support of looking at McLean Creek as a much more viable option as well.

"The results came back very strongly in favour of considering the McLean Creek option. The McLean Creek Option is 100% on crown land, the Springbank option is 100% on private land and people's home, businesses, the entire community is going to be scoured and removed by this project."

The project is up for possible review right now from the Federal Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency; Robinson's group has been encouraging as many people as possible to write letters encouraging the review to be done.

"This project really needs a Federal review because it has really gotten out of control."

In Robinson's viewpoint the cost to build the dam is just a trasfer of funds.

"The overall picture is just simply a transfer of costs from the inner city (the cost of a potential future flood) to Springbank residents. We are being asked to bear the entire cost of that. And the question, if there is an alternative at McLean Creek that doesn't involve removing any Albertans from their homes- that should be the number one priority for Alberta."

If you would like to contact Robinson or find out more information about Don't Damn Springbank you will find it here.