There is no denying that Cochrane is growing at an expediential rate and is predicted to continue to do so in the years ahead. 

With that in mind, Town Administration has implemented an environmental study for Jim Uffelmann Park. 

For some residents who may not know, that is the multi-use park adjacent to the Bow River that runs from River Avenue to the northeast of the Spray Lake Sawmills Centre and is 10 acres in size. 

It is one of Cochrane's most popular multi-purpose parks because it hosts pathways for walking and cycling, a designated off-leash dog park, asphalt trails, open park space, and several river access points. 

Due to the various activities and the number of people accessing the area, challenges for users and the environment have become apparent. 

Mitchell Hamm, Director of Community Services, Town of Cochrane explains the reason for the environmental study saying, "We are just taking a moment to be reflective about how we are using the spaces and what the optimal use for some of those spaces are. I think where the Jim Uffelmann review is really helpful  is just understanding what the popular uses are and how we are going to optimize that space for the users that are using it."

Residents will be asked to participate either online or in-person to provide feedback on their thoughts on how they see the park in the future. 

The study process will entail another four phases after the public engagement.

Phase 1 (Winter 2022 - Winter 2023)

Background Review

Phase 2 (Winter 2023)

Initial Community Engagement

Phase 3 (Spring - Summer 2023)

Geotechnical & Environmental Assessments

Phase 4 (Summer - Fall 2023)

Draft Environmental Study & Recommendations

Phase 5 (Fall 2023)

Follow-Up Community Engagement

Phase 6 (Fall 2023)

Finalize Environmental Study & Recommendations

Once the data is compiled on the environmental data, park usage, public opinion, and community feedback on the future development of the park and provide a recommendation to council in the late fall of 2023.

More information can be found at visit or Jim Uffelmann Park Environmental Study (