The federal Conservatives continue to push for the full resumption of Parliament.

Currently, MPs meet virtually through a video conference call twice a week and in-person in the House of Commons once a week with a limited number of people to deal with issues related to COVID-19.

Banff-Airdrie MP Blake Richards said the Conservatives want Parliament to be declared an essential service.

“During a crisis like this, there’s all the more reason why a government should be accountable and held accountable, and I think [this way] they avoid having to do that,” said Richards.

Over the summer months, there will only be four meetings of the special all-party COVID-19 committee.

The House isn’t expected to resume regular sittings until at least September.

Richards said he feels the Liberal government is looking for an audience rather than accountability.

“There should be the ability to ask questions about how the government is going to deal with the huge deficit and debt load that’s been piled on as a result of the [COVID-19] response and it seems like every effort is being made to avoid that.”

Some MPs have argued that holding a full session would put themselves and their families at risk. However, the Conservatives argue the country needs to continue moving forward and there could be measures put in place to ensure physical distancing including reducing the number of MPs physically in the House.