Banff-Kananaski MLA Miranda Rosin has followed through on her commitment to opponents of the Springbank off-stream reservoir project (SR1).

Last week in the Legislative Assembly, the MLA tabled 1,027 hand-written letters of petition against SR1. 

The letters call for a review of the project and the need to consider an alternative mitigation project on the McLean Creek.

In addition, Rosin says she was pleased to welcome the Springbank Action Coalition to make a presentation to the Alberta government's south rural caucus meeting. There, they detailed the detrimental impact the SR1 will have on their communities.

In a Facebook post, Rosin expressed pride in having brought the petitions to the floor.

"It has taken six years too long to have your voices heard on this file, but this week - for the first time - we made progress," wrote Rosin.