Rocky View County is no longer in the red and has dropped to 99 cases of COVID-19.

In today's update, it was also reported the number of cases in the Town of Cochrane has dropped by four and now sits at 44 active cases.

The number of newly identified active cases continued to decline provincewide. There were 1,240 new cases were identified in a 24-hour period ended yesterday, 46 fewer than Sunday's update. The positive rate has also dropped to 6.8 per cent.

In a grim reminder that the pandemic is far from over, it was reported another nine Albertans have died, bringing that total to 860.

There are currently 19,165 cases in the province. In total, 795 Albertans are hospitalized and of those 151 have been admitted to intensive care units.

In her update, Chief Medical officer of Health Dr. Deena Hinshaw provided clarification on a few of the current restrictions, including outdoor recreation. 

She says shinny and hockey aren't allowed, but people can continue to skate outdoors as long as safety protocols are followed.

"Skating, or other outdoor activities, can continue with up to 10 people, but all members of different households must stay at least two metres apart the whole time."

She also said those who have tested positive for COVID-19 and gone into isolation for the prescribed time don't require to be retested.

"Evidence is clear that unless an individual has an immune compromising condition, they are not infectious to others after 10 days have passed from the start of their symptoms, as long as their symptoms have resolved. Retesting someone within 90 days of a positive test is not effective or appropriate unless the test is ordered by their doctor."

She says lab time would be better spent testing those with COVID-19 symptoms, are linked to an outbreak, or have had close contact with a confirmed case.

She also spoke about the protocol surrounding workers who have tested positive and again reinforced the need to adhere to restrictions during the holiday season, no matter how difficult.