While re-acquiring the Powell St. school has provided some desperately needed classroom space, it's just a band-aid for the booming student population of Cochrane.

Rocky View Schools (RVS) is happy to be able to add another school, says school board chair Norma Lang, but it isn't enough. 

It's been nearly two months since Rocky View officials met with Education minister Adriana LaGrange.

"We will work very closely with them," LaGrange told Cochrane Now in March. "In fact, I met with Rocky View School Division this morning (Mar. 9) to confirm the commitment to move their construction projects forward when they're ready to move to that stage. So I was very clear that the four schools that they have been announced--out of 58 that we announced just the other week--that all four of those means that they're of the highest priority for government and they will be built."

Lang says since then there's been no movement to advance the school given pre-planning approval for Cochrane.

"We haven't had any information shared with us beyond what we've already reported previously," says Lang, "so there are no updates to share at this time on that." 

She says it concerns her, as does the placement of other Rocky View schools in the planning and pre-planning approval tiers. 

"Those schools, from our perspective, are all construction-ready. We could have been provided funding this year, and be moving forward."

"I hope more details will come soon because we're ready when the government is ready. 

Right now, Cochrane schools are collectively at 96 per cent capacity. Enrolment in Cochrane schools continues to rise by about 300 new students annually.