Calgary Police Services continue their search for possible human remains in the Bragg Creek area from a missing person file over two decades old.

In a press conference this afternoon, S.Sgt. Sean Gregson of the CPS Major Crimes Section provided limited details on the search being conducted on a private property south of the hamlet along Hwy. 762.

"While investigators are on scene searching for possible human remains, this search continues in an exploration stage, and no discoveries have been made so far," said Gregson.

He said the search began after receiving some credible information 

"This is a situation where we have information that has come to us that we believe is reliable. We know that there are families out there that are seeking answers, and we have a duty to bring closure to the families and see what we can do."

Calgary Police missing person investigators are coordinating the search in conjunction with its public safety unit and have been assisted by the CPS canine unit and have utilized ground penetrating radar. They've also drawn upon some outside resources and have been in contact with the RCMP Major Crime Unit because of its location within the Cochrane detachment area.

He says the current and former owners of the property are not connected to the investigation and it is believed to have been a location of convenience. 

The search may end as early as today, but that's subject to what they discover, if anything.

"If something is located or changes, we're at the whim of our search as it goes right now."

Because it's a decades-old investigation, Gregson doesn't believe there is any risk to the public.

"It's a decades-old investigation and we're following up some new information on an old file."

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