After a warm week with spring-like temperatures, Cochrane is in for another blast of winter and all that comes with it.

According to Environment and Climate Change Canada Meteorologist, Terri Lang an 'Alberta Clipper' is in the works.

"We have an Alberta Clipper developing through Central Alberta through the day today," explains Lang. "It brings a whole mess of weather with lots of very quick changes."

Environment Canada issued a special weather statement for Cochrane on Sunday, calling for snow, heavy winds, and plunging temperatures. Today's still warm forecast may have you scratching your head ... but wait for it.

"You'll see a mild day today," explains Lang. "Those really strong chinook winds from the south [are] becoming more westerly this afternoon and quite gusty --upwards of 70 km/ hr., however, the big change will be tonight."

By mid-evening, Cochranites will likely encounter some wet snow on their drive home from work, but Lang says we're in for a rapid change overnight.

"It does start out wet because the temperatures will be above freezing," explains Lang. "Then the temperatures are forecast to really take a plunge hitting below freezing by midnight, and still snowing so that's really going to cause havoc on those roads."

Northerly winds gusting as high as 80 km/ hr. are expected to continue throughout the night and into the morning. Lang says that the heavy wind coupled with drastically falling temperatures will make for an icy commute tomorrow morning and poor visibility.

The good news is that the Alberta Clipper is expected to zip in and out of the province quickly. Conditions will improve by Wednesday morning as the wind tapers off, and Cochranites can enjoy warm, above seasonal temperatures again by Thursday.