A street food creation from New York has arrived in Historic Downtown Cochrane, thanks to Nia's Gourmet.

Spaghetti Cones were launched from their 1st St. W. location yesterday afternoon and will continue to be available for those spending time in Historic Downtown Cochrane.

"It's really a new thing coming from New York," explains Daunia Del Ben, of Nia's Gourmet. "In New York, it's a typical thing to do in the summertime. You take your spaghetti and just walk down the streets. So instead of sitting down, you can enjoy our beautiful downtown eating all kinds of spaghetti."

There's a selection of sauces available for people to enjoy on freshly-cooked spaghetti.

"We have some wild boar ragu, which is a very popular sauce here, to Pistachio Pesto, Chicken and Veggies, and Mushroom and Sausage. We have a creamy ham and then a kid's version as well."

A special half-price offer was quickly swept up by the first 10 people served.

As word spread of the new street food, she says people were dropping by in advance.

"They were very curious about it," says Del Ben. "I had people dropping by the store and asking about the spaghetti cones."

The creation of the Spaghetti Cone is credited to Emanuele Attala. It was introduced at his Spaghetti Incident restaurant on Manhattan’s Lower East Side in 2015 and has continued to grow in popularity.

Spaghetti cones 2Grady and Nicole Janzen and their daughter Ellowyn became the first customers to try a Spaghetti Cone at Nia's Gourmet.