A driver was clocked doing 179 km/h in a 90 km/h zone on Tuesday along Hwy 1 between Lake Louise and Banff and that has RCMP reminding motorists to slow down. 

The driver was caught heading westbound by a Lake Louise RCMP officer at approximately 6:30 p.m. Tuesday.

After being caught, the driver was served a Summons to appear in court. 

“Traffic safety is a priority for Lake Louise RCMP,” said Sergeant Susan Richter, Detachment Commander of Lake Louise RCMP. “Our officers are on the road every day to identify high risk driving behaviours and intervene so that everyone can make it to their destination safely.”

RCMP are reminding drivers that when you reach unsafe speeds, the risk of collision and serious injury increases for all road users. In 2023, Mounties in Alberta have handed out 864 tickets for speed violations on Hwy. 1 in Banff National Park, 61 of these violations involved speeds in excess of 50 km over the posted speed limit.

According to a report by Alberta Transportation, in 2020, 26.2% of fatal collisions were reported as involving unsafe speeds.

“Alberta RCMP Traffic strives to enhance public safety by reducing harm and hazardous behaviours on Alberta roadways through strategic partnerships, enforcement, education and crime reduction initiatives.” said Sergeant Darrin Turnbull, supervisor of Alberta RCMP Traffic. “Speeding is just not worth the risk it poses to everyone on our roadways. Alberta RCMP Traffic will continue our enforcement and education efforts to protect the safety of all road users”.

Officers are asking drivers to drive safe before heading out this Victoria Day long weekend: 

· The faster you go, the longer it takes you to stop. Speeding affects your ability to come to a quick stop in the event of an unexpected traffic hazard.  Sergeant Mike Eady, Collision Reconstructionist for Southern Alberta District completed calculations and explained that at 90 km/h it takes a vehicle 37 meters to come to a stop. At 179 km/h, that distance increases to 148 meters, which is equivalent to more than one football field in length.

· Always drive to conditions. Posted limits indicate the maximum, legal speed permitted in ideal conditions (Government of Alberta, 2022). Alberta’s road and weather conditions are unpredictable; ensure you adjust your speed accordingly.

· Give yourself a few extra minutes. Allowing yourself extra time to get to your destination helps you to avoid feeling rushed in traffic.

· Be aware of speed limits in playground and construction zones. These areas often have high pedestrian traffic – you must slow down.