According to the Alberta Government’s website on the major projects page, the proposed construction of Costco’s newest location will be known as the Bingham Crossing Costco.  

The 270,000-square-foot retail space is proposed to be in the first phase of Bingham Crossing development located 3.2 kilometres west of Calgary in Springbank near Harmony. According to the Bingham website, the development is described as “a state-of-the-art, pedestrian-oriented shopping, and lifestyle centre.” 

A development permit was conditionally approved by Rocky View County on February 7, 2023. A Notice of Decision Letter was mailed out to residents and landowners close to the site. Anyone who would be affected by the development had until February 28 to submit an appeal for the development permit. The letter states in part, “If Rocky View County does not receive any appeal(s) from you or from an adjacent/nearby landowner(s) by Tuesday, February 28, 2023, a Development Permit may be issued, unless there are specific conditions which need to be met prior to release. If an appeal is received, then a Development Permit will not be issued unless and until the decision to approve the Development Permit has been determined by the Development Appeal Committee.” 

Cochrane Now reached out to Rocky View County and received the following written statement, “The County can speak to the Subdivision & Development Appeal Board process, but at this time, is not able to comment or provide an update on this particular item.” 

The item is scheduled to be on the agenda for the March 30th Subdivision and Development Appeal Board Hearing at which time direction will be determined. 

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