While the holidays are meant to be a fun and festive time of year,  It's also a time when many preventable accidents occur.

Holiday decorating can bring risks along with festive cheer, and Fire Inspector Jeff Avery says that it's important to take the proper safety precautions; particularly with indoor Christmas trees.

"Always water your Christmas tree if it's a real one, and even if it's not you want to make sure you're checking all the plugs and lights, and of course the big thing is to check all your Christmas lights and make sure there are no frayed ends."

Avery says a dried out tree can catch fire faster than a hydrated one and to make sure to keep your tree away from any heat sources such as fireplaces or heaters.

While exterior lights do add to the ambiance of your neighbourhood, Avery says a lot of accidents occur when people are hanging lights on the outside of their home.

Avery says it's best avoid climbing in wet weather, and to keep decorations away from overhead powerlines.

"If you are heading out on your roof make sure it's not slippery up there. With a little bit of moisture and snow it doesn't take much to slip off a roof and badly injure yourself, and if you are climbing a tall ladder make sure you're doing it with someone else -  have them hold it in place while you're climbing,  and stay a safe distance from electrical lines."

Avery also says that it's important not to leave candles unattended, and to make sure they are fully out before leaving your home.