The construction of the new interchange at Highway 1A/22 is in high gear and a new feature is to be installed to improve traffic slowdowns throughout construction.

The Town of Cochrane showcased a temporary roundabout in the works for the northwest corner of the interchange. The detour is set to open in August.

The Town also posted an update on the future closure of a road in the area. 

“As part of the interchange project, AB Transportation is permanently closing the right-in and right-out access to Ranche Road from HWY 22 effective July 17 as it overlaps with the exit and entrance ramps of the new interchange,” reads a statement posted on the town of Cochrane Facebook page.

“There have been a number of inquiries regarding the ability for emergency services to access the communities of Sunset Ridge, Heartland and Heritage Hills during construction and the associated heavy traffic volumes. Throughout construction, Cochrane Protective Services are engaged in regular project updates with the contractor and Alberta Transportation to ensure that emergency access is maintained for all communities as public safety is a top priority.”