The weather looks good, the ice is ready, and the teams are set for the 14th Annual Kimmett Cup happening today and tomorrow (February 10 and 11). 

Returning to full capacity after the pandemic, the much-loved, community favourite 3 on 3 hockey fundraiser will take place at Mitford Ponds and SLS Centre.  

Reid Kimmett, one of the organizers and brother to Lindsay Leigh Kimmett whose memory is honoured by the event says they are ready, “I think I have done this enough times that it happens ready or not. So, physically, the registration logistics of the event, everything there, is all coordinated and ready.” However, for the Kimmett family, the passage of time has not lessened the pain of the loss that led to the creation of the Kimmett Cup and the event is a bittersweet reminder of the loss of a loved one, “I think the part that you are never emotionally ready for is what it means or what you are going to feel or the memories that are going to come back,” says Reid.  

The passage of time marches on and February 17 will mark the 15th anniversary of Lindsay's death in a car accident near Cochrane. Her family knows that she would be very pleased with the way the fundraiser has grown around a sport that she loved.  

The 14th Annual Kimmett Cup has 12 more teams signed up than last year and according to the latest tally, over $56,000 has been raised for the Lindsay Leigh Kimmett Foundation and the charities it supports. This year the money raised will go to Make A Wish Canada, Helping Families Handle Cancer, Kidsport, and Cochrane Activettes. Reid says, “What started as this way to get close for family and friends to remember Lindsay, has turned into this huge fundraiser where between the various things, Lindsay’s foundation has done, I think we are closing in on $4 million.” 

Even if you are not playing hockey there is plenty for people to take in over the weekend. Everyone is welcome to head to Mitford Ponds or SLS Centre to watch the games. Or if you want to volunteer to help, sign up at There is also an online silent auction and a 50/50 lottery already at $2600.00.  

There will be four games at 6 and 7 p.m. Friday night at Mitford Ponds. Saturday’s games run from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. with round robins in all four divisions at Mitford and Spray Lake Sawmills Family Recreation Centre. The Championship games happen at 4 p.m. at Mitford Ponds.  

The event wraps up with a banquet Saturday night at the Cochrane Lions Event Centre beginning at 5 p.m. and everyone is welcome to attend. 

Last year, because of COVID, the banquet did not take place and was greatly missed. Reid says, “The tournament exists because of the hockey, but the true story, the true heart of the event is discovered at that banquet where the stories of the charities and the stories of the impact of everything that is happening is really told and spread.” 

Tickets are available at the door or online at Eventbrite.