An electric crowd brought the noise Wednesday afternoon for the 20th Annual Cochrane Classic. 

Bow Valley High School and Cochrane High went toe-to-toe in a charity hockey game to raise funds for the Cochrane Food Bank.

“We’ve heard from a lot of people that this was the best Classic possibly we've had so far, which is pretty awesome,” explains Maddie, Mackenzie and Sierra from the grade 11 leadership team at Bow Valley High School.

“We did amazing!  This was the best year we've ever done for the Cochrane Classic. Coming in at $6,411.75 to be exact.”

classicBVHS and Cochrane High had an incredible showing at the 20th annual Cochrane Classic (Photo credit - Mike Reece)

The game took over totem 1 in SLS Centre with the majority of the arena packed shoulder to shoulder.

“I would say it was a full community effort. It was a very diverse age group that was coming in. There were a lot of little kids running around with their parents and grandparents as well. So it's really awesome to see that for sure.”

While the game plays up the rivalry between the two Cochrane high schools, it also showcases the success of when both come together.

“We worked really well together with the Cochrane High girls, they were amazing and super kind as well. I feel like next year will be even better for what we've learned from here.”