It all comes down to this.

Months and months of getting tens of thousands of Albertan's names in a draw. All of them held their breath in hopes of winning a brand-new ride.

Up for grabs, is a 2022 RAM 1500 Bighorn. 

Entering on the radio, online, on Facebook, Instagram, and in their community. From rodeos to BBQs we saw you pull out your phone in hope of getting handed the keys to this rocket ship on wheels. 

From tens of thousands, we narrowed it down and down... until we only had one name left.

Karlie Jackson!

We called her to let her know the good news and pulled up outside her work in Nanton, Alberta with the truck to surprise her.

Check out her reaction in the video below! ...needless to say, she was shocked and speechless when we rolled up. 

The win happened with perfect timing too as they were trying to figure out a new vehicle. 

"We were just talking about upgrading the old half tonne. Same, exact same track but way older. It's got about 350,000 kilometres on it and is about to die, so we're starting the process of thinking about upgrading.  

"We have a little farm, so having a truck is kind of essential and the fact that the transmission was starting to go. This is really incredible timing."

a nasty truckIt's a nice upgrade from their old ride... which was also a RAM!!

It's a nice upgrade from their old ride... which was also a RAM!!

A massive congratulations to Karlie Jackson and her family as well as a huge thank you to everyone who entered! 

It wasn't just Karlie who won big this summer. 

We also gave away amazing Monthly Adventure Prizes:

- An Ultimate Camping Package from Woody’s RV World!

- An Exclusive Park-To-Yourself Experience at Calaway Park!

- An escape to Fairmont Hot Springs Resort

We will see you again next year!!