Cochrane trail users have been on alert after several photos and videos of a cougar roaming through a local park have recently been shared. 

The sightings have been in the Cochrane RancheHouse area over the last several days. 

Cochrane Fish and Wildlife officer Kevin Coutts offers a few safety tips for residents planning on using local trails. 

"If you can, travel in groups and make lots of noise and avoid travelling in the early morning or the overnight period. Some of these animals are nocturnal and that's when you may have an encounter. Carry bear spray at all times and be proficient with using it." 

"If you do come across a food source that a cougar might be utilizing, it is best to leave the area and contact the Report-A-Poacher number, or the local fish and wildlife office."   

Coutts said there hasn't been an official confirmation that there is a cougar in the Cochrane RancheHouse area, but he said that doesn't mean there isn't one in the area. 

"If you do come across or see signs, or directly see a large predator such as a cougar or a bear in an urban area, being at your house or on a trail, call us directly. That way we've got the first information from the observable party."    

The town of Cochrane posted a notice on its Facebook page on Friday alerting residents of a sighting in the RancheHouse area. 


A cougar was seen near YMCA's Camp Chief Hector on Aug. 7 and 8. Alberta Parks issued a warning, but said there were no reported incidents of human-wildlife interactions at the camp. 

The number to contact the Cochrane Fish and Wildlife office is 403-932-2388

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