Well-known actor, singer and humanitarian Tom Jackson could live anywhere in the world, but the Cochrane area is where he chooses to call home. 

When I first came to the area from Winnipeg, I was on my way to Vancouver, Jackson said. 

"My dad said to me once, 'Son, never stop your wagon in the middle of a mud puddle.' Well, I stopped my wagon and it was stuck, so there it was. But I found out in very short order that there was a DNA here that was built and based on kindness."  

Jackson has been nominated for both Juno Awards and Gemini Awards over his decades-long career. 

He was made an officer of the Order of Canada in 2000 and is a former member of the Order of Canada Advisory Council.

"I really got a sense of what greatness there is in being Canadian, seeing what people do. I reviewed 600 files a year for four years or so. Just to see the makeup, the DNA of people who live in this country. Yeah, we don't always get along, but I don't always get along with my brother either, but when it's his birthday, we celebrate his birthday." 

He was most recently Invested as a Companion of the Order of Canada in late 2022. 

Something Jackson said is an incredible honour. 

Tom JacksonLauren Meister, Tom Jackson, Eric Ruttle 

Jackson received the Community Builder Award in October, 2022 to a sold-out Cochrane crowd which raised thousands of dollars for local worthy causes.

He visited nearly 20 cities with his “Stories Songs and Santa Causes” before Christmas, a project that supports the Alpha House in Calgary and the Downtown Outreach Addictions Partnership or DOAP Team.

Over the last two decades Jackson has worked with a national sponsor, Canada Life, and the collaboration has raised over $260 million dollars for social services and in particular food banks. 

Jackson continues to keep busy acting and can be seen in season 6 of Outlander and Sullivan's Crossing

Tom Jackson in Outlander Tom Jackson in Season 6 of Outlander (screenshot)