The Calgary Stampede Rodeo wrapped up on Sunday, July 17, with many cowboys and cowgirls going home with $100,000, unfortunately, Cochranite Tanner Milan was not one of them.

Milan finished top four in his steer wrestling pool, and competed for the big prize on Sunday, but was eliminated in the first round, finishing in 9th place.

Mike Labelle, Rodeo Announcer, says the wet weather made it a difficult day for everyone.

"Sunday wasn't a good day for a lot of cowboys," he says. "It's never a good combination when you're dealing with animals or livestock, and the weather that we had, it was an absolute downpour. Just like us as humans, we don't want to lay down in that, and sometimes the animals don't either."

Although Milan was eliminated quickly, it wasn't for lack of effort.

"He came out in the first round, and made what looked like a good run, unfortunately there were some guys that drew better steers and got things done a little quicker. It's just tough luck for Tanner, things just didn't go well."

Labelle shares although the $100,000 first place prize didn't go to our local steer wrestler, the Stampede Rodeo wasn't a complete loss for Milan.

"He made money out of his pool, just for him qualifying to showdown Sunday, and finishing top four in his pool, you have to call it a success. Anytime you're a guy that can compete against the top 10 guys in the world, you've made a good accomplishment."