If defensive back Brayden Chamberlin and linebacker Jesse Groot have it their way, the Canada Football Cup will be hoisted by Team Alberta.

Edmonton is hosting the U18 national championship from July 7 to 15, and the Cobras playing for Alberta are determined to unseat Saskatchewan, who have won the last three championships. 

The pair were named to Alberta's final roster today after three rounds of camps whittled down 467 applicants to a 40-man roster.

Making the team is huge for Chamberlin.

"Especially with all the guys that put in so much work and so much effort into this program. Everything we have done has gone a long way, for sure."

Groot sees it as another learning opportunity.

"Going in, I was just trying to focus on doing whatever I could, and whatever happens, happens. It was tough and it was difficult, but it was so much fun, and I learned so much."

The pair are continuing to train for the championship. With a program as deep as that of the Cobras, there's no shortage of opportunities.

Right now, the Cobras training camp is underway. It's just one part of a year-long commitment players are expected to make.

"You're always getting those reps, you're always getting better, getting stronger, and getting faster," says Groot. "You're constantly learning, so it's huge."

Cobras defensive coordinator Tim Knitter believes Team Alberta chose well. 

"Jesse played on last year's U18 Team Blue and he's a very aggressive player, a very natural football athlete, and a great leader."

"Brayden came in as probably one of our fastest players, and he's turned into one of our best athletes. His coverage is elite and I think that's why he jumped at the U18 trials."

"I'm happy for them. They're great people to represent our program in our community, and I'm excited for both of them." 

Alberta has been to every Football Canada Cup since its inception and has won six national championships, including the first one in 1995. The last time Alberta hoisted the cup was in 2007.

They've won silver five times since then, but Football Alberta wants its name on the cup. They believe there's no better place than on home turf.

The final game will be played at Commonwealth Stadium on July 15.