U18 girls and boys rugby players from the Bow Valley Rigby Club are heading to the provincials after winning their respective Southern Alberta Championships on Aug. 12.

They now face the northern champions on Aug.19 at the Calgary Rugby Park.

The U18 boys team, which also includes players from the Saracens and Lions, remain undefeated on the season with a 40-17 win over the Calgary Rams. The Rams team included some players from the Hornets and Titans.

boys rugby 1

Bow Valley players on the team are, from left, Stan Stone, Caleb Graham, Liam Benmore, Nathan Long, Sam Bellett, and coach Tyler Hawes. Walker Milbury and Kieran Mubukwanu are missing from the photo.

Wearing Bow Valley colours, the U18 girls had a thrilling 38-31 win over the Calgary Hornets. Bow Valley and Saints players joined with the Saracens, and the Rams joined forces with the Hornets.

The win against the Hornets was particularly sweet for the local players. In the regular season, the Hornets handed them their only loss of the season.

girls rugby teamU18 Southern Alberta champions. (Photo/Kate Miller)

The U16 girls won silver in the final against the Canadian Calgary Irish team, who have advanced to the provincial final with a 41-29 win. The Bow Valley girls joined with Calgary Saracens and Canucks this season. They handed the Irish their only loss of the regular season, 56-15, and placed second overall with a 3-2 record.

U18 boys teamEntire U18 boys team with cup. (Photo/Kate Miller)

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