Cochrane will soon be home to of one of the largest warm water therapy pools in Canada.

Most therapy pools are more like tanks for 1 to 2 people associated with health facilities, but Cochrane's community pool will be 55x35 feet providing benefits to many individuals.

Richard Foy, Chair of Cochrane and District Warm Water Therapy Pool Society says he is excited to see the end result.

"This has been a long time project that has been going on for many, many years but now we are getting close to actually being able to jump into the pool. The exciting part about this pool and about the whole project is the fact that it will help out a lot of different people."

Foy says the society has been talking with many different individuals living with chronic illnesses such as Parkinson's, Huntington's, Autism, and Multiple Sclerosis, and finding out how warm water therapy is helping.

Foy can't stress enough that the warm water pool will be beneficial to many.

"We hear a lot of excitement from people suffering from arthritis and of course knees and hips are always a big factor. We hear about rehabilitation from surgery, surgery for cardiac recovery, from sports injuries. What is important is there are a lot of different conditions and injuries where a warm water therapy pool type of environment will assist in the healing and recovery for many of these people."

The warm water therapy pool will not be age restricted, in fact, it will fall in line and work in conjunction with Spray Lake Sawmills Family Sports Centre many other amenities.

"Where all groups from the very, very young to the very mature and wise are also able to take part in this. One of the great visions we have is that people will be able to bring the whole family down to the sports centre and utilize all the different facilities."

The pool itself will be 6 feet deep, with jets and relaxation areas, as well as wheelchair accessible. Exercises can be done individually or in conjunction with a caregiver as well as group programming will be set up.

"We also are planning different programs that can address group conditions. So if there is a group of people who need some help, or have similar conditions, or exercise responses then we can create the groups that are going to be there."

Foy says while excitement is building for the aquatic centre, not a lot of discussion has taken place about the warm water therapy pool. We often discuss cold water pools and land based exercise but don't often focus on how warm water can help, comments Foy.

"The health care professionals are very excited about this. We have been talking a lot to physiotherapists, kinesiologists, to even medical doctors here in Cochrane and a lot of them are very excited about the potential for now adding this healing environment available right here in Cochrane."

The Cochrane and District Warm Water Therapy Society is looking for funds to help them reach their final goal.

"We are working very closely with 'Rock The Waves' but we as a society is also trying to help with the fundraising. There are many people who recognize the benefits of a warm water therapy and healing environment, and are very encouraging with their donations. However when it comes to money, we always need more."

The warm water therapy pool is set to open in March of 2017.