With town crews adding the finishing touches to its spring sweeping program, street, sidewalk, and crosswalk maintenance and repair is about the shift into high gear in Cochrane.

We're coming into the warmest weather of the year, and along with the work required to keep our streets safe and well-maintained.

"Our top priorities right now are finishing up the spring cleaning with the residential streets, and then we're going to move into some road maintenance and sidewalk maintenance," says town roads manager Wally Hume. "So our crews have been inspecting our infrastructure and prioritizing our deficiencies, and from there, we'll build the work plan."

"There are lots of things on the go, but we're certainly trying to take advantage of the construction season."

Motorists should keep an eye out for road crews, and expect the occasional delay while the work is being completed., 

"Definitely be patient with the road construction. There's going to be alternating traffic on Griffin Rd. next week. We're going to have some contractors milling out some deficient concrete and asphalt."

"Just be cognizant of the road crews and the flag people on site, and please slow down to make it safe for everybody."

The summer-long program will include alley repairs, crack sealing, asphalt replacement, and repair on identified roadways. Some of the identified areas experience a higher traffic volume and have been planned thoroughly to minimize the impact on motorists.

The massive growth of Cochrane isn't lost on Hume.

"Yeah, I've been with the Town of Cochrane for 28 years, and actually, I was just reminiscing with my wife about it the other day. There have been 18 new communities in Cochrane since 1989 when we first both moved to Cochrane. So yeah, we've seen a lot of change."

To keep abreast of the summer maintenance schedule, visit the town website and Facebook page.