The Cochrane Welcome Wagon is one busy organization doing between 40-60 community welcomes each month.

Jennifer Foy, Welcome Wagon Representative, says the organization has been operational in Canada since 1930.

With Cochrane's growing population, Foy says she has been able to welcome people from literally all over the world.

"Certainly, a lot of folks from Calgary, but the U.K, Europe, Africa, folks are coming to Cochrane from around the world."

The benefit of receiving a Welcome Wagon basket is all the valuable information it contains.

"For people we do visits with, of course they learn about the Town of Cochrane. We have civic information, a street map, we have information about the various public facilities here in town, and then they get to be introduced to many, many Cochrane businesses."

Being introduced to Cochrane businesses allows Foy to encourage new residents to shop local.

"It is to encourage new residents to shop locally, support our Cochrane business."

The businesses that sponsor the Welcome Wagon baskets remain consistent even with a slowed economy.

"We haven't noticed any change in our sponsorship. We have had some sponsors who have been with us for 20 years, some for 15. We stay very well connected with our sponsors, we connect with them on a regular basis just to make sure the program is working well for them."

The Welcome Wagon provides a wealth of knowledge not only about local amenities but programming as well.

"Resources for children's activities, senior's activities, just day-to day activities, how to get a dog license, we talk about our recreation facilities, our new pool that is being built. People are very excited to learn that information."

If you know of a new baby, business, or community member that could benefit from a visit from the Cochrane Welcome Wagon, you can contact Foy at 403-862-3791 or