Rocky View Schools', Westbrook 'Walkathon', has been an annual tradition for many years.

The annual Walkathon sees the entire school population lace up while raising money to help support school initiatives.

Karen Allison, Walkathon Co Chair, says Westbrook students and volunteers are gearing up to walk some long distances.

"Our kindergartners will be walking 5.5 km, grade 1 will walk 9 km, and grades 2-8 will walk 11.5 km. It is all on rural roadways; it is a safe, fun event and an opportunity hopefully for us to get out and enjoy a beautiful fall day."

It is the largest fundraising event the country school does, and Allison is hopeful to once again reach their goal.

"We are hoping to raise what we have typically raised, which is $20,000; so we are hoping to meet a goal similar to that this season. It goes towards school programs, classroom resources, Westbrook School has been fortunate to attend a theatre in Calgary production where the entire school attends, it goes to offset costs of swimming programs, busing, so a really important fundraiser for the school."

Besides being an incredible fundraiser which benefits all students, it is also a highlight for many students.

"Many of our kids run it, it is a real challenging day for them but it is highlight for many of the kids at the school. Recently I walked the halls and some of the beginning of the school year introduction posters are up outside of the classrooms and Walkathon popped up on many of those as a favourite part of Westbrook School."

Allison reminds drivers to be extra cautious during the Walkathon on September 23 from 9 am until 1 pm.

"Please keep our children safe and watch for signage and walkers on our rural roadways."