This Fall, classrooms will use new K–6 curriculums and resources that will benefit both elementary students and teachers.

Based on recommendations from the Curriculum Implementation Advisory Committee, the Alberta government is continuing to approach the revision of the kindergarten through sixth grade (K-6) curriculum in a fair and deliberate manner. This September, new French First Language and Literature, French Immersion Language Arts and Literature, and Science curriculums will be taught to all K–3 students. For grades 4 through 6, school administrators will also have the option of implementing new curricula in these three disciplines.

“Curriculum renewal is essential to help prepare our students for a rapidly changing labour market, which is placing an ever-increasing premium on adaptability and transferable skills. To ensure successful implementation, we are making significant investments to provide teachers with the resources they need to support students in transitioning to the new curriculum,” explained Adriana LaGrange.

In response to feedback on the original draft, changes across the three K-6 subjects have been made to address areas of concern with content load, age appropriateness and wording clarity.

The Alberta government is committed to making sure that elementary teachers' adoption of the new curriculum in September is as successful and useful as possible. To ensure that instructors and children are prepared for the new K–6 curriculum in the classrooms, roughly $47 million will be spent in 2023–2024 on teacher professional development as well as learning and teaching tools.

As part of this investment, Alberta Education is working with the province’s four largest school authorities to develop science resources. This collaboration will ensure resources are accessible to all school authorities to support student learning and the successful implementation of new K-6 Science curriculum.

The new K–3 French First Language and Literature, French Immersion Language Arts and Literature, and Science curricula will be taught to more than 240,000 students during the 2023–24 academic year.