Cochrane's 100 Women Who Care Greater Cochrane Area raised just over $7000, for Red Cross, in just over an hour.

The group's first meeting of it's second year, brought out 70 like- minded women who joined forces to collectively donate to help those affected by the raging fires of Fort McMurray.

The premise for the group, is to come together four times a year donating at least $100 to a local charity that is voted on mutually.

Judy Samson, one of the founder's of the Cochrane Chapter says, the the goal of the group's second year is all about awareness.

"We would love to get some new members, create awareness for our local charities, and raise as much money as possible for them."

Samson adds being a part of the group is extremely impactful.

"It is very little time investment, as we all know with charities sometimes there is a tremendous amount of time put into fundraising, with this it is an hour and a half of each person's time. It is incredible when you get enough people together there is very little money investment to make quite a difference to a charity."

Every member can but forth a charity once during the year and Samson says, some nominations she has never heard of.

"That is one of my favourite parts of the group, is again the awareness of some of these smaller charities that do not get the recognition that the larger charities get. It is amazing what is out there in your local communities and what some of these organizations are doing to help their community."

Being year two for many members, more charities were recommended this year.

"To be part of 100 women you don't have to put in a nomination, but we are getting more and more. I think a lot of people just weren't sure what they wanted to put fourth, and when they started hearing of some of these charities they started digging into what is available to our community.

The next meeting of 100 Women Greater Cochrane Area will be held in September, information on the group which has raised close to $40,000 in 5 meetings can be found here.