Cochrane and area is well known for its generosity and that includes when it comes to giving blood.  

However, Canadian Blood Services urgently needs to add to its donor base due to a couple of reasons. One is the lingering effects of the pandemic and the other is because of our aging population.  

The need for blood donations is an ongoing campaign but what some may not realize, post-pandemic, Canadian Blood Services has desperately been trying to catch up in rebuilding and adding to its donor base.  

Lisa Castro with Canadian Blood Services says, “Over the pandemic, we did really well with our collections, but coming out of it, we realized that we lost 31,000 blood donors across the country. And now we're trying to rebuild on that. This year, we need to bring in 100,000 new donors in order for us to support our patients and the national inventory.” 

Canadian Blood Services is so grateful for its donor base that returns regularly to donate however, that base is aging and there is a need for new regular donors. Castro says, “The fact is that we just don't have enough donors and it is the same people that continue to support us, which we were so grateful for but one in every second Canadian is eligible to donate and all we see is one in 81 donating, so we really need to stop that trend and change it around.” 

Canadian Blood Services has just launched a new campaign that challenges Canadians to give 3 in 2023 and encourages donations to Canada’s Lifeline whether it is a donation of time, expertise, a financial gift, or a life-saving donation, big or small it all helps. The options include being a blood or plasma donor, stem cell donor, or organs and tissue donor.  

As mentioned in the beginning, the residents of Cochrane and the area are recognized for their generosity. Castro says, “In the Cochrane area, we want to thank donors for their incredible support through the holiday season and throughout the year. We always seem to hit our collection targets in Cochrane.” While Blood Services would like to come to our town more often the logistics of servicing all of southern Alberta limits the opportunity.  

The next blood donor event in Cochrane is on February 14 and true to form, we have fully booked the event. However, as Castro points out, “We have a lot of last-minute cancellations that come leading up to the actual donor event, and a lot of times on the same day, you will see open appointments. If you cannot get an appointment in Cochrane, there are often events close by on the outskirts of Calgary like the Rocky Ridge YMCA or Calgary Shrine Events Centre which are relatively close.   

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