The latest donation from the Community Roots program of Two Pharmacy has seen $4,500 recently presented to the Cochrane Activettes.

When Grand Avenue Pharmacy changed its name to Two Pharmacy in 2017, they created a program to provided monthly donations to worthy causes, both locally and internationally.

"With the onset of COVID and all the additional needs people have locally, we decided to switch to just locally and rebrand it to a program we call "Community Roots" where we're deepening our roots in the community and help the roots of the community get stronger in doing so," explains Reid Kimmett of Two Pharmacy.

That change was made in November and the first donation of about $4,000 went to the local branch (#15) of the Royal Canadian Legion. The next donation will be made to the Big Hill Lodge.

"It's been a hectic year for everyone. We've been very fortunate to be open, and we're thankful for that, and we want to pay that forward to those who have struggled with everything the pandemic has brought on."

The monthly donation is based upon a percentage of all sales going through their till.