All eyes were on Drumheller this weekend as the community went for a Guinness World Record for hosting the most inflatable dinosaur costumes ever.

Cochrane was well-represented among the 3,000 participants.

“I think the previous record was like 250 or something,” says Candice Johnson, a Cochrane resident who made the trip up with her eight-year-old son.  “We definitely smashed that record. At the same time, 3,000 people in dinosaur costumes all crammed together, it was a little claustrophobic.”

dinoCandice and her son rocking a dinosaur dab (Photos provided)

“There were dinosaurs everywhere,  It was hilarious. It was just such a spectacle and we got there so early that we didn't realize how many dinosaurs actually showed up until we saw the pictures after the fact.”

She says for her son, it will be an event he will never forget. “He was so excited. I think my favourite part was, that he started chanting ‘dinosaurs, dinosaurs’ and then everyone started chanting it. It was the cutest and just the best experience ever.”

dinoSam, an 8-year-old Cochranite suited up for a world record attempt. (Photos provided)

Mark Haynes packed up his family from Cochrane and spent the entire weekend camping in the area to participate in the world record attempt. 

“It was absolutely brilliant,” he says. “They did such a great job, I can't say enough great things about it.”

dinoMark and his family ready to break a world record in Drumheller over the weekend. (Photos provided)

“There were five of us. We went and camped for the weekend in Drumheller, at the Little Dino RV Park, which was also great. They had an area for all of us who weren't in costumes to take pictures and video, and there were drones flying everywhere.”

“Never ever could I have never imagined that I would be part of something like this. It was like a bucket list moment. For me the whole weekend was.”

dinoA little bit of everything up in Drumheller for the world record attempt. (Photos provided)

“We're all going to receive certificates from Guinness for being there and we get a picture of the event from the drone shot.”

As of Monday morning, the official tally has yet to be confirmed by the team at Guinness World Records. The officials will review the area's drone footage before releasing the final numbers. 

Were you part of the Jurrasic Jamboree this weekend? Let us know HERE or send us a note on the Cochrane Toyota Talk & Text Line at 403-981-0915.

dinoA well-deserved dino nap (Photos provided)